Winter Upgrades to the Home Base

Nothing is sacred when Jenny is around…


Hello and welcome to the blog!  The weather has been kind of crappy the last few weeks – snowy, sleet, cold, windy, etc.  While waiting for spring to come I’ve been tackling some projects at home.  Admittedly, I’m a decent cook but a terrible housekeeper.  A few things needed some attention.


(Oops… This pic was taken before the new floor trim!)


I’d contemplated showing the before picture of the bathroom but some things are best not shared.  Between sickness and depression, the latrine was neglected pretty badly and needed new flooring, a paint job, etc.  At one time the “throne room” was hot pink… I had partially painted it blue.  This time the master bathroom received a fresh coat of “Camelback Tan” paint, all new floor and ceiling trim, and new Armstrong tiles for the floor.  The whole project took a dozen or so hours over a week.  It’s inspiring and more little projects will be started soon.


Old backsplash….


Before the bathroom project I’d worked on the kitchen a few weeks ago.  The original sink backsplash had gone bad and warped.  Using a $35 piece of 1×6 stained poplar and some stick-on tiles, this new accessory was created.  It sure spruced (poplar, actually!) things up… making the area look a lot newer.  There was some of that expensive poplar leftover.  If you notice the shelf in the bathroom, that was made from the leftover poplar wood.  I have enough to make yet another shelf somewhere.


Doesn’t look like the same kitchen!


In addition to the fix-up projects, more work has been getting done.  I’ve been cranking out crocheted potholders on a regular basis.  Crochet helps during the cold months when a person might get bored and/or depressed.   It’s actually recorded as a method I use for dealing with stress and anxiety. After making some for friends and family and the homebase, today I donated 10 to the food pantry to go to families in need.  That will be a fun activity to keep doing!  A friend was in there today when these were dropped off;  I would be thrilled if she took one home!


One of the double sided crocheted potholders.


The Diet Coke consumption is down by around 3/4 thanks to teak.  As weather permits I’ve been making and drinking lots of iced tea… capitalizing on the cold winter temps to chill it.  The tea jug is definitely going along on the next trip.  This raspberry – lemon tea is delicious and seems to help with joint inflammation.


1 gallon water, 3-4 raspberry herbal tea bags, 1 lemon tea bag… YUM!


With a little luck, I might get to go camping on Saturday night before working the breakfast shift on Sunday morning –  extra hours garnered thanks to millennials!  I’m not sure what the camping dinner will be but undoubtedly it will be homemade.  I’m leaning toward Swiss steak.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let’s hope when winter ends in about 37 days that spring kicks in full force!  Safe and happy camping!

Brad and Jenny and Mister Duke
Jones County, Iowa




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