A Remodel at Work

Drive Thru is open!


Hello and welcome to the blog.  Spring is so close that one can taste it!  (only a week away) Lots of things are getting a fresh start now that winter is about over.  On Sunday night a re-model was begun at the fast food restaurant where I work.  The first step was to remove all the chairs and table tops.  I parked my fanny in the lobby and put “first dibs” on the two best metal chairs we were discarding.  Fishing buddy Steve got two as well!  I might repaint the steel frames when the weather warms up.  Whether changing a light bulb, standing over the engine compartment of the Express van, or reaching into a high cupboard. the extra heavy chairs will help out.


Built like a battleship, these chairs will be useful!


It’s been fun to watch the remodel take shape.  A plastic tent divides the restaurant’s kitchen and seating areas to keep things clean.  The construction guys have been playing loud “yee haw” country music – it’s kind of nice!  The work these guys are doing is amazing.  Unfortunately, I cannot show any of the pictures of the progress without risking getting fired; suffice it say that much work is being done and the customers will find the new décor attractive.  Hopefully all will be up and running in early April.


Discarded plastic condiment bins make great pill bottle holders.


We’re so very close to spring now – just over a week away.  It’s been warmer here, finally hitting 71 for the first time the other day.  The cats are getting plenty of time outdoors.  I did an oil change and inspection on the van over the weekend.  The camping van is all but ready to go for the season – just a little more cleaning on the interior.


They are so easy to make!  Chain 38.  Single crochet to the end, then all the across the other side in the bottom loops.  SC around the circle many more times until the potholder folds in on itself and is ready to whipstitch in the middle (see the maroon seam)


During the evenings I’m continuing to make colorful potholders to donate to the food pantry.  But today’s project was a fun waste of two hours — crocheted camouflage toilet paper.  Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook about someone making fake toilet tissue as a joke about the people freaking out and buying all the toilet paper in stock at Wal-Mart … all due to hysteria over the Coronavirus.  I posted a pic on Facebook and joked about the camo “toilet paper” making it so you “can’t see ‘sh*t'” and how this T.P was a continuous piece so “you can’t cut it for crap…”


A roll of reusable camouflage toilet paper… A joke, of course!


As far as the Coronavirus goes, most of us in the rural areas are not too worked up about it.  We had a mysterious virus going around the area in 2019 that caused flu and respiratory symptoms.  I battled it for months and months, at one point going into life threatening anaphylaxis in December.  I could barely call 911 and when the paramedics came, Jenny escaped.  (I prayed she would be okay!)  When I got home there she was waiting on the deck.  It was a scary time and the hospital didn’t know what the virus was that was making so many sick.  Heck, for all we know maybe we had the coronavirus before the docs knew what it was.


Miss Jenny watching all the happenings tonight. She’s a handful 🙂


I now run 2 air filters at home, take a maintenance asthma medication, and haven’t felt this well in years.  Hopefully it will stay that way.  We’ll have to see what the coming months bring in terms of the pandemic.  I doubt it will slow down any plans for camping or outdoor activities.

That’s about it for now.  Camping will happen again soon, perhaps in a week or so as the ground firms up and the fish start to bite.

Take care and thanks for visiting.

Bradford and Jenny and Duke
Jones County, Iowa


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