Stimulus Buy – Lithium-Ion Jump Starter Pack

Hi and welcome to the blog!  Life is pretty calm around here in rural Iowa.  I am trying to avoid Wal-Mart as much as possible but some days it looks like Black Friday.  Folks’ attitudes are cautious although they range from the not-so-worried (like myself) to those terrified to leave the house.  We’re not required to wear masks at work… so I don’t… just gloves.  We have a plexiglass shield in the windows for the drive-thru.  Some people are parking out a ways from the building… I can’t reach as far out now and will admit it’s a bit amusing when folks have to get out of the car to get the food.   🙂


Fast food drive thru… I declare, without it I think half the county would starve to death!


It’s been nice to have a little extra cash after the stimulus payment.  Like so many Americans, I bought a couple of new items with some of the stimulus money.  (I’m saving most!)  The most exciting find has been this GooLoo 2000A lithium-ion jump starter pack.  I was skeptical about if it would work well.  This evening at the Subway restaurant there were two young guys who had a small Honda SUV with a weak battery.  I hooked up the battery pack and man, did that booster help crank the little “4 banger” engine over!  I recommend investing in something like this.



Some recommendations… The jumper pack is still a battery and won’t perform as well if left for long periods in cold weather.  I plan to store it in the house before camping trips in extreme temperatures.  You don’t want to leave the charger in the car overnight in sub zero weather or keep it charging on the dashboard in 104 degree weather.  (It can overheat in extremely hot weather.)

Also, these devices are liberally rated.  Go bigger.  They’re not that physically large anyway, just a pound or two and about the size of a nice thick ribeye steak.  For an extra 30 or 40 bucks, I’d go with the 2000 amp one vs. 800 amp for even a small car… One tip – don’t use the 2000 amp boost option unless you have to.  It can get the battery pack very hot very quickly and shorten the unit’s life.  The boost button should be the last resort.

Tonight’s experience was a great test.  I was impressed with this little jump starter and think it would come in very handy for many of us.  I’m wondering who all reads this blog and has used one.  I even like it for recharging the tablet and new smartphone.




The last week or so I’ve been fishing here and there.  Last Wednesday friend Steve and I went out but only got four red horse sucker fish.  I brined and cooked them up and they were delicious… though a bit bony!  There will be more fishing in the coming days.  The weather is looking better and better.  I was out on Sunday nut the only things brought back were three wood ticks.


Life has been pretty peaceful around here.  With a little luck I should have a couple days off in mid-May to do some angling and camping.  In the meantime, Jenny and Duke are happy to have Dad around home.  Duke’s been really enjoying bites of steak, grilled pork chops and nibbles of chicken hindquarters.

Take care and thanks for visiting.  I hope everyone is safe and well and can stay as healthy as possible.  Happy camping soon!


Mister Duke enjoying his loving home tonight, the Christmas afghan, and Daddy’s grilled chicken.  He’s been a great pal!


I thought I’d picked them all up but… Jenny doesn’t miss a thing!  She’s a brat… Her 5th birthday is days away.


Brad and Jenny and Mister Duke
Jones County, Iowa


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