A Squirrel Eating Squirrels….

They’re cute as can be… I’m not sure if I could shoot one but I can sure cook ’em up!


Hi and welcome to the blog!  I was hoping to get out this week to camp but it never happened.  Things have been busy at work; with the cold / flu season starting it seems there are hours galore.  I don’t mind taking them!

Over the weekend friend Dale and his boys stopped by.  They’d been hunting east of town and brought me a couple of fresh squirrels to eat on.  The animals were completely cleaned.  Squirrel tastes a lot like dark chicken but also has kind of a woody / nutty flavor to it.  There’s not much of a “gamey” flavor.



I decided to make a squirrel stew but not use a recipe, rather just simmer it to taste and use some biscuits for dumplings.  It turned out very tasty and provided 4 meals.  Duke was a big fan!  One could make a similar dish with some chicken breast and a couple of hindquarters.

Here is the recipe below:





Fall is definitely here and there is a chill in the air.  Before long it will be too late in the season for roof repairs.  I’m still tarped up and it is unlikely the home base roof will get fixed until spring.  It’s kind of scary.  I’ve dealt with a number of contractors who don’t want the work.  Either my job is too small or the contractors want to far overbid it.  I’ve seen a lot of people – including a friend – bilked out of thousands of dollars.  It’s stressful, to say the least.


Well, next week the weather looks terrific.  I’m going to try to get down and visit my buddy aka “Little Brother”  Johnnie in Muscatine, Iowa, along the Mississippi River.  We always cook up good food.  Along the way I’m also making a couple of meals in the van that will be themed after pork – it’s ultra cheap, reasonably lean, and extremely versatile.  It should be a fun time!

Don’t forget to set the clocks back on Saturday night and vote on Tuesday!

Thanks for visiting!  Safe and happy camping!

Brad and Jenny and Duke
Jones County, Iowa


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