Happy Thanksgiving!! Part II


Hi and welcome to the blog.  I hope all the van camping and minimalist friends have a spectacular Thanksgiving!  There is still so much we have to be thankful for… thankful to God, the veterans, the healthcare workers, and even those who are working on this wonderful holiday.

It’s late Wednesday night and the turkey is finishing cooking at home.  I have to get up at 3:30 AM to cook for the co-worker friends and then cook for the customers from open till close on Thanksgiving.  The cool thing about a holiday is that at least it means those who work are usually the most dedicated.  We’ve got an awesome crew!


Overlooking houses on an island in the Mississippi at Guttenberg, Iowa in Clayton County


While the turkey is roasting (and Duke is meowing) here are a few more pictures after this last fishing trip.  It was so beautiful up that way!  The smells, sounds, sights, and etc. made such a difference at a time when happiness was needed.

Monday was spent fishing at several streams including Bloody Run Creek (no luck at all) and Sny Magill trout stream (no luck).  This season the trout streams were hit very hard and stocking seemed to be interrupted.  Around 10 AM I returned to Buck Creek and limited out once again.  While chatting with an old farmer, I learned that Buck Creek hadn’t been stocked for a couple of months!  Late season fishing is a lot more work but the body sure needed the exercise!  I covered around five miles of trails on foot in a 26 hour period.


A stile is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “an arrangement of steps that allows people but not animals to climb over a fence or wall.” They are not fun particularly for older, heavier people! But that’s how you get to the streams!



The beautiful old Valley Mill built in 1853.  This was a grist mill.  (grinding grain into flour) and is located at lower Buck Creek.



Another favorite hole at Buck Creek.  It is so quiet and peaceful.


Further downstream around 400 feet or so…



Look for the still water where the rapids enters the pool… Dangle a half worm and you’ll be rewarded!


Lastly, below is picture of something buddy Kenny (RIP my friend!) gave me in the early 1990s.  Of all the possessions, this is one of the most treasured.  I’ve shared it on here before.  It is a little Tupperware salad dressing container.  Kenny carried one and said if you’re fishing with bait, this is all the tackle box you’ll ever need.  And it’s true.  All that’s in it is a few size BB sinkers and some #20 treble hooks.    I still use the container all these years later.  Talk about sentimental value!


The best and smallest tackle box I’ve ever had! This has helped me catch hundreds of trout over the last few decades!


Well that’s about all for now.  The next camping trip will be close to home and it’s likely Jenny will get to go.  This recent trip was so fast-paced and unpredictable that it wasn’t practical to make her ride along…

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, stay safe, and enjoy the rest of the fall season.  If you pass through this way between Cedar Rapids and Dubuque, please say hi!  Nobody’s a stranger in our community and everyone is welcome.

Your camping friends in Jones County, Iowa

Brad and Jenny and Duke
Jones County, Iowa


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