Negative is a Good Thing!


Hi and welcome to the blog.  The Covid test came back on Saturday and the results were negative – meaning I do not have the illness – at least when the test was taken at that moment in time.  It was a sigh of relief!

I know some folks in this area who are not so fortunate.  One business I drove by was again closed last night due to a lack of staff.  Some friends around here have it.  That leads to frustration and customers get irate.  It’s understandable.  A retail worker learns to deal with it – from both perspectives – over time.

The other day I heard a man in town complain about a business and he said he is never going back.  I quietly thought, “What a nice guy to do the staff a favor!!”   *smile*  If people could read the minds of essential workers…    🙂   I remember one time telling a co-worker friend (after someone was really angry and vocal), “That’s why I take Linsinopril” (blood pressure meds).  We both cracked up.  Trust me, we all have such a sense of humor that it makes working with the public fun!



Sitting in the weeds fishing… It was some of the happiest time this year!


On a more serious note… Though not much was said, I took off from work the last couple of weeks out of an abundance of caution.  During that self-quarantine period, a person experiences what it’s like to worry about your health… and that of others.  It changes you.  While masks are not an option due to breathing issues, I’m now wearing a face shield when at work and shopping.  It just feels like the right thing to do and it’s easy… except when you are the guy who keeps trying to drink Diet Coke through a straw and hitting the plastic shield.

So life is getting back to a more normal (busy) state.  It’s been possible to pick up some extra hours at work but the days off are a little fragmented.  That’s nothing new.  🙂   With things eventually slowing down for the upcoming winter, extra money is a good thing!


Hawkeye Area Community Action Program mobile food truck. They give away boxes of awesome fresh, canned, and frozen food.


No worries here though.  I’ve been squirreling away supplies for the cold weather, gathering food from the food pantries, cooking up items to freeze, and haven’t missed a meal.  There is no guarantee that I might not have to take more time off from work if anything happens during the pandemic.  But it helps to be prepared!  Duke will tell you he loves Daddy’s homemade broccoli cheesy bacon soup.  (Broccoli is safe for cats)  There are three happy bellies in this house.

So what is next?  We’ll have to see what the weather has in store.  There will likely be a camping trip to a nearby location.  There is a place not far from here where we have camped and Jenny likes all the pine trees…


Take care, bye for now, stay safe and enjoy the weather.

Brad and Jenny and Duke
Jones County, Iowa


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