Merry Christmas 2020!


Merry Christmas and welcome to the blog!  It didn’t seem like it would ever be here but today is a good day to celebrate!  For  believers in Christ there, is the best day on the calendar – the birth of our Savior.  Peace and happiness to everyone!

It feels good to rest a bit.  The week leading up to Christmas Eve was difficult – many peers gone for various reasons – and many (including myself) were all but exhausted.  With the pandemic, few restaurants are open (very few for dine-in) and people are traveling in large numbers, opting to drive-up.   Most folks were really nice.  One guy even paid for a car behind him while I was working in the drive-thru window.  I thanked the kind man and asked if knew what a Corgi dog is.  He said yes.  I told him there is one in the car he paid for and I was throwing in a free strip of bacon for the dog.  He grinned.


I love this little guy!


The car receiving the free meal belonged to a couple of awesome people and a beloved (by all) canine pal… EDDE!   We all adore him at work and the co-workers will yell, “Bradford, Edde is here!”  I slip him a piece of bacon and when I get my free meal later, will order a sandwich and omit the bacon that I gave this special pal. I was out to Edde’s house the other day when the Christmas card sent was returned due to addressing problems.  He was all about hugs, kisses, and licks.  By the way, Edde’s not the only dog we know.  We love “Edde”, “Gus”, “Diesel” and many more.  And if a cat comes through the drive-up, one of the girls calls me over to fuss over it.


No, Jenny… No hitting the bottle (of grape juice) this early. She was helping blog…


Despite being worn out from cooking at work, last night the Christmas eve meal at home was prepared.  Sis had sent some bags of super tasty biscuit mix from “Loveless Cafe” in Tennessee.  I had a brainstorm and put some green food coloring in the dough and made Christmas tree biscuits.  They turned out cute and very tasty… I topped them with Italian seasoning and a butter / garlic mix.



The rest of the dinner was fun as well.  There was a nice big rack of the ribs in the freezer that needed to be used up.  I seasoned them and slow-baked the baby back pork ribs.  Jenny boldly licked the buttered asparagus with bacon bits… and wanted a taste of the sour cream on the baked potato.  She normally does not like people food but was curious.  By the way, to the left of the ribs are the Korean style dumplings they sell at Wal-Mart for $2.86.  They are tasty and addictive!




It looks like Jenny and Edde (and I) are eating well.  Poor kitty Duke is fading though.  He spent the whole night in bed with me.  I asked him to hold on through Christmas.  Duke is getting a lot of love and doesn’t seem to be suffering.  Having him here rather than putting him down – at least for now – has kept me together.  He’s one lovable little guy!

Christmas Day is going to be fun and relaxing.  There’s still a batch of red raspberry / lemon / jalapeno preserves (to go on Ritz crackers with cream cheese) to crank out for the Christmas dinner today.  Friends Dale and Sharon and I will go to church and then meet up with their family for presents and … another meal.



Take care, friends!  Stay safe, sane, and positive through the holidays.  Don’t let the media get you down or talk of a dark winter.  We have a vaccine, many are following social distancing, and trying to wear face coverings.  Things will get better.  I say if we all do our part and stay positive, we will get through this… but don’t be afraid.

God Bless Everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Bradford and Jenny and Duke
Jones County, Iowa

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas 2020!

  1. Jo Harmon says:

    Well I thought a left a comment but not quite sure the way you posts are working. Sometimes when I click on it nothing happens at all LOL

    Hope you had a great Christmas, it was so very quiet here as we canceled out everything when the numbers soared and some found out a co worker had Covid.
    So we called off everything.
    When you live alone and have very little contact its just another day.


    • VanTrekker says:

      Hi Jo! The comments are a little tricky right now but they are showing up at the very bottom. I need to take some time and try to get them presented in a better fashion. Yes, most everything here was canceled for the year. It’s sad. I live along and have contact with co-workers but see very few people without at least a face shield on. It’s probably safer. Take care and HAPPY NEW YEAR JO! 🙂

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