Enjoying Life to the ‘Max’

Hi and welcome to the blog!  I’m excited that spring is on the way.  We’ve just come through that bitter cold spell where 73% of the country had snow on the ground…compared to last year’s 38%.  No biggie for Iowa.  We’re used to nasty weather.  But it doesn’t make life too fun… for we humans or animals.


A couple of spring-themed potholders I crocheted during sub-zero weather….


Jenny is no exception – she was not fond of the cold.  Though she’s gone out for “shoulder rides” on my coat, the kitty didn’t want to stay out long.  Now that the temp is in the 30s, she’s anxious to play outdoors… Inside is a different story.  Jen-Jen is bored and lonely.  In the evening she wants to be held.  About 3AM she brings stuffed toys into the bedroom, howling and wanting to be played with and/or for me to feed her.

It’s driving me nuts.  And that’s not a very long trip, according to the co-workers.  (When we banter back and forth at work for fun, I’ll start singing the J.G. Wentworth commercial and everyone is like “Stop it!” cause they can’t get the jingle out of their heads.  It’s fun to keep the kids having fun…  Call 877-CASH NOW!)  Oops, I digress…




Well, Jennifer won’t be lonely much longer.  This is Max, a cute little six month old tuxedo cat.  The kitty boy is going to undergo surgery on Monday the 8th of March to be neutered and get his vaccinations.  Max belongs to a friend with a lot of experience in taking care of animals and the friend offered to pay for the neutering and shots.  That saves me a bundle!


Maxamillion, “Bill Maxwell”, and butler “Max” (with dog “Freeway”)


So how did the name come about?  I love the “bionic dog” character, Maxamillion, a German shepherd from the TV show “The Bionic Woman” circa 1976.  Of course, there is the lovable butler “Max” from “Hart to Hart”, the series where “Jennifer” was played by Stefanie Powers.  My tortie cat is “Jennifer Stefanie”.  I also like “The Greatest American Hero” where the FBI guy is “Bill Maxwell” (actor Robert Culp).  So, Max it is.  Well, he will be spoiled and loved to the MAX in this house and will go along on camping trips and other adventures!


There is still plenty of snow to melt!



In the meantime, the spring cleaning is underway for both Max’s arrival and so that the fishing / camping season can commence.  A new bed arrived on Tuesday but the house still looked like a twister had just gone through.  Slumberland offered to do a contact-less delivery due to Covid.  Though I’m not sick at all, I took that option just because I didn’t want them to see the winter clutter!   🙂  It was definitely a wrestling match to get thick mattress in the house. There’s nothing like comfortable sleep though and what a difference the new bed is making!



As far as cooking this winter, there’s been plenty of opportunity to try some different dishes.  The latest was a Facebook meme that was circulating.  I loved the ice cream idea and made a double batch.  My version had 1 pt heavy cream, 1/2 pint of half-n-half, 1/3 cup of sugar, 2 t of banana flavoring, and a smashed ripe banana.  Rather than mason jars, I used plastic freezer jam containers.  It made half a dozen servings and was out of this world!  The next step is do something similar and make my own butter  or perhaps garlic-butter while out camping!

The plan is to do a LOT of fishing this year, cook a lot of meals out, and camp when it’s possible.  Hopefully that will be soon.  The inside of the van is getting some new carpeting and a good cleaning.  I hope to do some early season walleye fishing very soon.  Some new fishing buddies mean some upcoming adventures in new places.  It’s going to be a fun 2021!

Thanks for visiting today.  Safe and happy camping excursions!

Brad and Jenny and soon… MAX!



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