Coldest Stretch Since 1985

Camping can wait a bit longer…


Hi and welcome to the blog.  It is COLD in Iowa.  As of Sunday morning it was -13 when I started writing this post.  The last time we had such a long cold stretch of weather was when I was in college in 1985….

  • I was 19 and driving a taxi cab in Cedar Rapids (fun job!)’
  • The rage at the local college bar was the “Boysenberry Kamikaze” drink
  • New movies: “Moving Violations”, “St. Elmo’s Fire” and “The Breakfast Club”
  • Songs “Take on Me”, “The Power of Love”, “Things Can Only Get Better” were popular.
  • Favorite TV:  “MacGyver”, “Diff’rent Strokes”, “T.J. Hooker”, “Knight Rider”. “Dallas”, “Golden Girls”…an more!

Sorry about all the reminiscing but life was so much simpler then!  Those WERE the good old days… but looking back I’d rather be 55!  (Okay, 19 for a week or so but I’d probably not live through it!)


About 10 miles east of Anamosa on a gravel road. That’s ice under the plowed snow…


Anyhow, it’s cold.  I recently had to run to a rural area and pick up an employee friend whose car wouldn’t start.  It was a white knuckle drive.  Just past the co-worker’s house the road was drifted shut.  Country roads are scary during Iowa winters.

We’ve had a lot of blowing snow in this area over the last few weeks.  The campground near home is plowed shut.  So much for camping until sometime in March!  Piles of snow cover all the local lakes and ponds so I’m hesitant to do any ice fishing right now.   Who wants to step over a spring and fall in?  The walleye and trout can wait till spring!



But there will be tackle and plenty of it this year.  A customer friend stopped in the other day and asked me to photograph a small tractor.  He needed the picture emailed to a dealer’s service department.  I’d never charge this gentleman but he slipped the boss a $20 bill for me to take.  At $.94 cents per package, it was possible to buy a LOT of hooks and sinkers for this coming year.  Here is a picture of the pegboard in the home office where some of the fishing hardware is stored.  Thanks A.S. !


This is the overflow… I have 4 tackle boxes full of stuff too….


Work has been fun lately.  I recently received a promotion and work with the new employees.  One of them is an avid catfish and walleye enthusiast.  He loves catching turtles (yum) as well.  I like about any species that will bite.  Training him on some of the processes has been a lot of fun.  We’re planning to do some fishing together when things warm up.



With the cold weather I’ve been cooking up a storm.  The favorite fun, easy, healthy meal of choice has been the shrimp cocktail.  Wal-Mart was running colossal sized, cooked prawns for $6 – a great thing to stock up on.  I use a blend of 3/4 Clamato Juice to 1/4 cocktail sauce.  Add in some chopped onions, a minced clove of garlic, some chopped cilantro, and a cut-up avocado.  The cocktail tastes best nice and cold.  I also chop a couple shrimp and put them into the mixture as well as decorating with the whole ones.

Well, that’s about it for now.  The weather will start to moderate as we get toward March.  I’m looking forward to getting Jenny out on a camping trip this spring.  At any rate it’s been nice to be at home and enjoying some hibernation time.

Thanks for visiting!  It’s going to be a fun 2021.  Despite all the challenges in 2020 so many of us had outdoor fun and made the best of it.  Safe and happy adventures in the coming camping season!


Brad and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa



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