New Diabetes Fund Raiser Challenge

OMG… I wish!!!  But this is not the healthy
carrot needed to lose the next 60 pounds!

** UPDATED 9/13/2012 – 11:00 AM CST **

Greetings and thanks for stopping by! I wanted to give you an update and pass along some news. Right after the weight loss challenge I celebrated and ate about 3500 delicious calories spread throughout the day. I also walked for a half hour and then rode the bike 41.8 miles… and still lost weight for the day. How can a person not stick to this lifestyle with that kind of momentum?

In contemplating how to lose the next 60 pounds it seemed like some kind of a “carrot” was needed… There has to be some compelling reason to keep riding, blogging, and pushing the body. Money works – we learned that. But at the same time it would not be right (in my mind) to ask people to donate to the effort just to line my pockets. But to raise funds for a charity would be a worthwhile endeavor!

So here is the announcement… I’m going to raise $605.00 by the end of December, 2013 for the American Diabetes Association while losing another 60.5 pounds.

Initially I was going to try and raise some money via donations and share most of it with a charity. I’ve decided to up the ante a little.

Between now and December of 2013, 100% all of the Van Trekker blog donations will be used to raise $605.00 for the American Diabetes Association or I will PAY IT MYSELF!

A running total will be kept on the blog. Each time a donation is received it will get sent to the American Diabetes Association right away. Please let me know if you would like your name listed on the blog…

Now THAT is an incentive. Not only do I have to lose more darn weight but if I don’t work up some donations, I have to cough up all that money too!

I have also decided to give up carrot cake for a year. It’s something I friggin’ love! The next slice comes the day the scale reads 220.5 pounds (down another 60.5)

Like I have said before, the kind words and comments along the way have been a huge inspiration!

Please tell your friends, family, co-workers, any other kind souls who might wish to help in this effort. It’s a leap of faith. I know we can do this though.

Just a sidenote… Back in the late 1980s I rode on bike tours including the MS-150 ride for Multiple Sclerosis. Funds were raised for those events and they were a great motivator. If you raise money then a person makes darn sure he or she does the ride! The only greater motivator is if I don’t stay on top of things and the bucks have to come out of my own pocket!

Take care and thanks for reading! There is another post coming this weekend. I’m meeting with my sister to cash in on the last challenge (pictures to follow!) and find some good barbecue (and NO carrot cake). Of course, there is an Anytime Fitness gym nearby!

As always, thanks for reading. Please spread the word. Let’s see where we can take this thing. The sky is the limit… No, let’s make that the stars… and we’ll “make it so.”

Enjoy your day!

Bradford, aka “The Six Hundred Five Dollar Man”

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