"All I Wanna Do Is Have Some Fun"

Sheryl Crow singing her hit song “All I wanna do”

Thursday night was spent at the “Great Jones County Fair” in Monticello, Iowa – just 35 miles from the homebase.  Tonight’s performing artists were country singer Gary Allan and rock / country artist Sheryl Crow.  Talk about fun!  I’m not a big country music person but Gary Allan is very good.

Sorry about the Sheryl Crow pic being of such poor quality.  I was standing at the free area (too cheap to buy a ticket) and had to use the zoom.  At that distance and in the dark, the viewing screen was the only thing I could keep in focus.

Iowa country girls are adorable!

Though this fair is much smaller than the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, it is still quite a production with lots of food, rides, midway games, and great performers.  There is a definite focus on agriculture.  Jones County is surrounded by many of farms.  It is fun to see the country girls dress up in cowboy boots.  Dang, if I was thirty years younger…..

The fair food looked delicious.  I couldn’t pass up a gyro.   Everything was expensive though.  That helped keep the eating to a minimum!  Doggone it though, the “fried chicken on a stick” looked good.  But it was $7! 

Only in Iowa… We use field corn kernels for BINGO markers

In lieu of overeating (the tradition at previous events), it was fun to play a couple of games.  I got skunked at the bingo tent, losing $1.50.  Oh well, for 25 cents / card, it was fun!

“Kermit”, a new traveling companion

I did pretty well on a game where you bet on a sort of roulette wheel (not surprising).  It continually spins and you, the customer, toss a ball onto the wheel.  The ball eventually settles into a colored wedge.  Hopefully you’ve bet on that color.  I struck up a conversation with the gap-toothed carnie as he kept demonstrating the game.  The wheel wobbled badly and the ball he threw kept going to colors on one side… That was too much to pass up.  I bought $5.00 worth of tokens and twice laid down a “shotgun spread”, betting on all of the colors on that side of the wheel.  Voila!  I won both times and took home “Kermit”… the new mascot for the headboard.  If it was only that easy in the casino!

The mechanical bull takes another victim.

After the fair, the campng went well at Anytime Fitness in Dyersville, just a few miles north.  I did some berry picking and trout fishing.  More about that in the next post.  At the moment, I’m in Decorah for the next couple of days, fishing and biking in this beautiful area. 

Thanks for checking out the pics.  There will be another post in a day or  two.  I’ve got some fun new things to recommend cooking when you’re out in the boonies… and they are a lot healthier (and cheaper) than that “deep fried cheesecake” that seduced me at the fair!

Have a great weekend.

Bradford, the Van Trekker