An Awful Lotta Falafel

A Falafel House keeps cows and customers happy!
No, as far as I know, there isn’t a “Falafel House” in existence…. at least not in Iowa.   Maybe in the Mediterranean?  Much to my chagrin, we don’t even have a Waffle House this far north. 

Just a side note… For those readers who like the Waffle House, the author’s personal  favorite is hash browns “scattered all the way.”  Good stuff, especially with lots of hot sauce on top.

Okay, back to the topic of falafel.  Let me describe what it is and why it will be one of the highlights of this van camping trip. 

 Falafel is a fried ball or patty made of ground and seasoned chickpeas and/or fava beans.  They are often served in pita bread with sauces and other sides including pickled vegetables.  You can also get falafel on a platter. 

Thought to have originated in Egypt, falafel was always very popular in the Indian subcontinent as well – some dispute exactly where it originated.  It doesn’t matter – falafel is an incredibly delicious dish if properly prepared and this weekend’s challenge was to find the best Iowa City has to offer.

So why falafel this trip?  My sister and I were having a discussion about it the other day.  It sounded tasty.  Combined with biking, the calorie content won’t be an issue.  It will be fun to check out three or four Mediterranean restaurants and decide which tastes the best.  Sis will be visiting in a few weeks so it would be nice to recommend the best restaurant.

With the mild weather, it will also be a great time to do some free camping, letting the solar panel cover the energy needs.  Saving money is a good thing.  I  learned from the last trip that whether or not you pay for a camping spot doesn’t guarantee a good night’s sleep.  The plan this weekend is to camp on the cheap.

If you haven’t tried falafel, give it a shot.  It might even be something fun to cook when camping.  Try it with some homemade Greek tzatziki sauce.   Good stuff!  Just don’t eat an awful lotta falafel.
Enjoy your weekend. 


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