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Hi and welcome to my page.  My name is Duke Jasper Harris.  You can call me “Duke” or “Mr. Duke”.  Brad has this silly habit of calling me “Dukey-Duke”.  I put up with it but if he starts playing with my belly I yowl and eventually sink my fangs into him.  He gets the message.

I was born on an Iowa farm near Monticello and spent the early part life at an animal hospital in the Cedar Rapids area.  All of my siblings were adopted out.  Unfortunately, I was not chosen because of my fur color.  I’m black and many people feel superstitious around me.  What is it with humans?

After enough time passed the animal rescue felt I was too old to stay there.  Considered unadoptable, my life nearly ended.  But a kind lady named Jennifer G. relocated me to her farm.  She noticed my desire to be an indoor cat.  Affectionate and peaceful, Jennifer named me “Duke” because I strut around like nobility, preferring the company of humans to the outdoors existence.


Duke Jasper (DJ)


In the fall of 2018 Brad adopted me and I hid behind the couch for three weeks, only coming out for food and to go to the bathroom.  Eventually I began to explore.  Jennifer took a liking to me and now I spend many hours a day sleeping next to her.  Like humans we fight occasionally and curl up together at night.  On Saturday afternoons I watch westerns on TV on Brad’s lap like you see in this picture.  Sunday nights he watches something called “Columbo” and you might find me on the back of his recliner.

My human host is a carnivore and has treated me to many new foods.  I love grilled pork slices, baked chicken, and hamburger.  Fish is tasty but I don’t like shrimp.  My favorite food?  Ice cream!

Brad has been very good to me.  My human host has often said something about going camping and fishing next year.  I really don’t understand it.  All my life I’ve wanted to live in a warm house… and he wants to sleep in a cold van in February!  For now, I’m content to curl up at the head of his bed every night and enjoy being loved and appreciated.  Brad’s a keeper.

I should try this camping thing.  If Brad catches some of those shiny fish and cooks them I might like being outdoors with him.

With head butts and nose rubs,

Your friend



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