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A young Jenny at Dunning Springs in Decorah, Iowa

This page was written as if Kitty Jennifer wrote it by her own paw…and in her own voice.  I’ve translated her “thoughts” to English. —  V.T.


May of 2015. A happy mama cat and some beautiful fur babies.

Meow and hello. My name is Jennifer Stefanie but most people call me Jenny. I was born on a farm in the middle of Jones County, Iowa near the town of Scotch Grove. I was the tiny little tortie kitten (2nd from the left) in the picture above. In May of 2018 I shall be three years old. That’s 15 in your human years… and like any teenager, I know everything!


I’m too sexy for my leash.

Torties (aka “tortoise shell”) cats are special and our DNA contains an extra chromosome. Nearly all of us are girls. It is very rare that you see a male tortie.  It is documented that we tortie girls are very feisty but at the same time loyal. That’s why we make such good companions.

Another “baby picture” with Cathie, the caretaker of Jenny’s litter

I adopted Brad in 2015. He didn’t impress me much. Growing up as a country girl, I did NOT want to be held and petted. I cried as he tore me from my family and took me back to a trailer house nearby. Though this is my home, I like to explore outside and play with other animals. All Brad has to do is say, “Jenny! Bunnies and birdies!” and I’m at the door.

Besides playing with bunnies and birdies, live fish are fun!

We often go camping in Brad’s white van. He’s taken me to many neat places and we’ve had a lot of fun. I don’t get to venture very far though. He makes me wear this awful pink leash thing with straps and a cord.  I am a cat, not a dog!  I suppose it is best to wear the harness and leash though. Brad says in Iowa there are many hawks and eagle birds; they come down from the trees and steal cats and chickens, never to been seen again.  He loves me and wants to keep his princess safe.  I’m worth it!


This is my room. Every Princess needs to be pampered.

And Brad does treat me like a princess. I eat expensive Blue Buffalo food. As a treat he gives me Fancy Feast food served in a handmade Waterford Crystal bowl.  I have a bedroom of my own and sleep with a collection of over 80 plush toys. Some of them get moved to different rooms when I feel like playing. The bed is against the window so it is possible to see across the street to the country and watch the bunnies and birdies.  While big Brad is crawling under the van working, I am resting inside on my bed, watching, and knowing he’s getting ready for another trip… and I might be accompanying him.      

If we ever meet, feel free to rub my fur. I’m very friendly.  While we are taking walks, neighbor children riding their bikes stop and pet me.  Two neighbor dogs even come over to play when they are outside.  I’m sociable and look forward to meeting you!

Farewell and thank you for following our adventures. 

Your four-footed friend,

Kitty Jennifer Stefanie
Jones County, Iowa

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