Meeting Up with Incargonito

Sharon and John on the left, Jim on the right.

Hello and welcome to the blog!  Monday and Tuesday were spent camping with John and wife Sharon and dog pal Angel from the Incargonito blog.  We met up where I work in Anamosa and spend two days at buddy Jim’s farm pond, talking, cooking, and enjoying the peaceful outdoors.

Their four-footed pal, Angel, is an adorable fluffy white dog.  By treating him to nibbles of chicken, ham, bacon, sausage, eggs, etc., I made a good friend!  There are a dozen or so pictures taken along the way.  Rather than a bunch of verbiage, I’ll just caption each one.

John and his wife were a delight to chat with.  Jim really enjoyed the company and even fishing buddy buddy Steve stopped out for a meal  Tuesday and to caught a couple nice catfish.   So here come the photos.

John on the left, Brad in front of the pond.


The family out for a swim. Beware though… Snapping turtles will often grab ducks and geese down by feet and eat them!

Kitties (Catfish) for the smoker.

Corn fed in Iowa!

Angel looking forward to sharing some Tuesday morning breakfast.

This is how we clean the griddle… (after eggs, sausage, and bacon were cooked on it)

“Old Ringneck” the duck was watching us from about 20 feet away.

We were watching a crop duster from the next field over. The Canon camera caught the sprayer equipment under the wings. The tanks are inside.


Monday night’s cookout. Strip steak, burgers, brats, and the skillet on top has sauteed zucchini.  We ate well!  (and so did Angel)

Buddy Steve enjoying Tuesday night’s cookout. In the background is my director’s chair. It’s badly torn and will see some repairs this week.

Hugging Angel on of many times! He’s the neatest pal!

After enjoying two days of company, it was back home and back to work.  John and Sharon and Angel are on their way to their next adventure!  Please check out their blogs, Incargonito and RV Full Time Living and Traveling.  

I’ve been making some changes to the VT van in terms of layout.  There will be a future post about it and how much more enjoyable the changes have made camping.  Until then, take care and thanks for visiting!

Brad and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa