Spring Cleaning and Killer Donuts

The Trekker Van taking on some tasty donuts in Marion, Iowa

Hello and welcome to the blog this Friday morning.  It’s been a very, very busy week – with no time for camping or leisure – just a lot of work cleaning at home and at the Golden Arches.  More about the killer donuts a little bit later in the post… First, a winter weather update and some great news about the homebase.

A nice coating of ice on the metal artwork made by my late neighbor, Steve W.

We had a nasty storm toward the beginning of the week.  It was a rain / ice / snow / rain / snow event in that order… even adding in some thunder.  About 4-5 inches of sloppy snow fell.  Our power flickered but stayed on.  Sadly, a giant tree in friend Lois’ yard fell on her garage.  Lois is  the widow of a friend I worked with 30+ years go;  she occasionally needs some help with yardwork in exchange for a little fishing money.

The weather here improved quickly as the storm moved out and attacked the east coast… But as is the case in March, the temp will be back in the 60’s again soon!

On Monday and Tuesday I was off from work and did a massive house cleaning project.  There was good reason.  On Wednesday a person from HaCAP (Hawkeye Area Community Action Program) did a 4 hour inspection of the homebase.  Anything found to be energy inefficient was marked for repair / replacement.  I’m getting a couple new bathroom exhaust fans, smoke / Carbon Monoxide detectors, a new range fan, repairs under the trailer, furnace tune-up, and the list goes on…. all paid for with funds provided by the federal government.  What an amazing deal!  A person can only get this upgrade once per address… It was worth the ’round the clock cleaning in preparation!


Attack of the Killer Donuts… Enough of them would kill this diabetic but I’d die happy!

On Wednesday an unexpected package arrived in the mail with this movie…  “Attack of the Killer Donuts”.  I knew immediately it was sent by my sister.  Since I had to run an errand to Cedar Rapids on Thursday with the van (which is running perfectly now), a trip to Dunkin’ Donuts seemed like a good plan  – just to see how deadly donuts are.  Oh, that “Thin Mint” Girl Scout donut was heavenly and I would have died happy but the Humalog insulin was there to combat the carbs.  The movie itself was predictably silly but what the heck… Some times a person needs that kind of thing to shut the brain down and clear out the stress.

I’m back in Cedar Rapids again this morning (Friday) to take care of some legal stuff.  It’s good to be able to trust the van again.  The Express van is cleaned out and ready to go camping at any time but I’m likely going to hold off on any trips until the first week of April – the opening week of trout stocking.  Jenny is getting antsy to go outdoors and she will definitely go on the first outing!

In the meantime the local river is clearing now after the ice has gone out.  Perhaps next week I can venture out and see about catching some early spring fish.  In the meantime it’s back to doing more cleaning… I’m not sure where all this motivation is coming from but when a person feels like doing housework it’s best to get it done!

Don’t forget about this coming weekend!  Happy Daylight Saving Time to the friends who enjoy the extra period of sunlight!

Thanks for stopping by.  Safe and happy camping!

Brad and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa