Heat Wave Coming

Hello and welcome to the blog.  It’s been a busy, busy week… and no camping was able to happen.

We’re looking at 98 degree weather over the upcoming weekend… and just in time for it the blower motor on my car to bite the dust.  Cobalts are a bit of a pain to work on at times but I decided to fix it now rather than not have air conditioning.  What a job!  In order to remove the old blower a person had to use a razor knife to cut the old motor out before bolting a replacement into position.

Partially removed blower motor being cut from the housing… Not a fun job!

If that was not bad enough, the car immediately broke down after fixing the blower motor.  An adjuster fell out of the left rear brake… I’d not tightened it up enough after replacing the shoes…  There went a couple of hours to run into town, get a replacement “star wheel” and install it.  All of this was going on while I had been planning to camp!  Oh well… Sometimes it is just as fun to stay home and fix stuff.  🙂

After finishing the car repairs, I was pausing for a Diet Coke at McDonald’s around 9:00 PM.  A bus pulled in carrying a load of high school aged boys from a softball team.  Though this is stereotyping a bit… If there is a school bus full of girls we sell pop, smoothies, or ice cream….  But a group teen male athletes means a lot of cooking.  I punched in and ran the fryers and grills to help out for the sudden rush.  It was fun… even though it happened on a “day off”.    🙂

After sleeping late this morning I tended to the plants in the herb garden.  Remember Myrtle, the sickly basil plant?

She had lost most of her leaves due to frost but you wouldn’t know it now looking at the picture above.  The plant is recovering nicely and should provide plenty of batches of pesto sauce.  Her partner plant, “Basil” is doing well.  I’ve also added two Thai pepper plants named “Angus” and “Agnes” as well as a rosemary plant named…   “Rose Marie”.  It’s fun naming them, talking to them, and watching the vegetation quickly grow.

Well summer is finally upon us – at least meteorologically speaking.  With the weather warming into the upper 90s, it’s going to be hard on the trout I so often fish for.  Many will die from a lack of oxygen in the warm water.  Numerous creeks will not be stocked until things cool off around September.  Even if a person does catch a few fish, they get mushy during the warm months.  It will be nice to enjoy other activities.

Grandma Harris (right) and myself about 40 years ago… with a load of trout… in the summer of 77.

More camping will (hopefully) happen next week.  I’ve got some ideas for new camping dishes to try.  There are some different campgrounds to visit as well.  There might even be a little catfishing action on the next outing… We’ll have to see how things work out.

For now, it’s going to be a super busy weekend at work.  Take care!  Safe and happy travels!

Bradford and Jenny
Anamosa, Iowa