The movie “IT” 2017


Galaxy 16 theater in Cedar Rapids

Good Monday morning!  I’ve been a fan of “IT” since the mini-series first came out 27 years ago.  Buddy Johnnie and I often recite lines from that movie such as “They float down there”.  It was exciting to be present for one of the first showings on Thursday, September 7th.  Some people may not have seen the 1990s version or read the book so I apologize for any unknown references.

1990 version of “Pennywise” played by Tim Curry

Pennywise, the creature who wakes up every 27 years, appears as a clown and murders children, was as creepy as ever.  He was busily at work luring and killing the most innocent of the town’s kids in Derry, Maine… and storing them in the storm sewer.

Bill Skarsgard at Pennywise from IT.  Credit to New Line Cinema

The movie was fun.  Like the original miniseries, it was really creepy but not all that terrifying.  In this release a lot of time was spent developing the characters.  There were many differences in the story and the newer version more closely followed the Steven King book.  Some things were changed such as not calling the black kid the “N-word”.  I’m glad that was taken out.  On the other hand, “Ben” (the chubby kid) was called “tits” which I found amusing although now days they call that body shaming.  Oh well.    🙂   Being a newer movie the “f-word” and other cursing was present but it was very much in the context of what you hear kids saying now days.  (or one hears when I’m fishing)

The whole movie kind of dragged out a little bit and the scenes didn’t transition the smoothest… but neither did the 1990 version.  Pennywise was every bit as sinister though not quite as humorous as the Tim Curry version.  Nonetheless, I left feeling entertained and am eager to go back again.  There will be a sequel to this movie and I’m really looking forward to it.

Other than Star Trek, this is the first movie remake I can remember liking… There were no nightmares though.  The only thing scary was paying $6.25 for a Diet Mountain Dew.   🙁

Much more of a force to be reckoned with is “Jennywise”… I showed her the little clown doll and she slapped it.

Feisty as ever, Jenny spent a half hour in the state park with me this morning.  She had a stare-down with a curious ground hog.  Later this afternoon Jen and I are going camping nearby.  I’ll get some good pictures as she enjoys her first trip in some time.  Toward the end of this month we are going out for 2-3 days up north.  Jenny is loving the cool air… Aren’t we all?

Take care and thanks for visiting!  Safe and happy travels always!

Brad and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa