Fun Birthday!

Hello and welcome to the blog.  Today Sis and I had our mutual birthday.  She received a present last night and was pretty happy with it.  Sis is a big coffee nut and I recently found a yarn called “Latte” and in an evening made her a  new stocking cap; she’s proud of her new “Caramel Macchiato” hat.

Below is picture my own “birthday cake” made last night.  Though not the prettiest thing I’ve ever concocted, this cooking project turned out wonderful.  It was sort of like a crab cake but instead used seasoned trout… as well as real butter, broth, shiitake mushrooms, fresh celery, green onions, garlic, four kinds of peppers, three kinds of cheeses for the “frosting”…  well, you get the picture.   No expense was spared … seeing as how most everything was on hand.  It was one of the best trout dishes I’ve ever made.

Buddy Steve got a “trout cake” today as well as several pieces of cake when he stopped into the golden arches for lunch and dinner.  He and I are going fishing next week at some point.



My boss, Trask, enjoying some birthday cake.


Drew, one of the managers at work enjoying some cake.


A gift from the bosses…

Drew, one of the bosses, wrapped this package for the birthday.  It contained some items that will be useful in camp cooking but were discarded from the store.  The name says “Bedford” rather than Bradford.  We have an older lady there who drags my name out and whines “Bedford……..  can you please give me a ride to Walmark?”  It’s annoying as crap so of course the kids keep rubbing it in and calling me “Bedford!”

There weren’t a lot of trinkets for this birthday though a trip was made to Menards this morning.  I bought a couple of small measuring cups and two knives that had their own sheaths.  The one pictured here has a small cutting board with it and I thought it would be nice to carry these in the van for prepping a couple of veggies for a meal.  In addition to the 3.5 inch paring knife, I also bought another knife that is about 5″, thinking both sizes would be useful.  The sheath covering each one is a big plus!  (No more digging in a bin and getting sliced open)

With that it might be time to call it a day.  It’s been a long but very enjoyable birthday.  It sure was nice to hear from friends and family on Facebook even if it meant responding to several dozen messages.  After munching on another piece of trout cake it will be off to the sack and dream about doing some camping next week.  We’ll see how the weather goes.

Jenny inspected the cake, like everything, and decided she didn’t like it.  She does like zucchini bread though.

Take care and thanks for visiting today.  With a little luck there will be a camping trip on Monday if the weather moderates.  Next Tuesday will be spent up north with buddy Steve catching some late season trout.

Safe and happy camping!

Brad and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa