Happy New Year 2018

Hello blog friends and a very Happy New Year to all!   It’s been a difficult day on this end but one where a person can still count the blessings.  That’s what is truly important, isn’t it?

Today was the coldest January 1st (in nearby Cedar Rapids) since records have been kept.  It was -24.  (The old record was -14).  Even knowing this the plan was to go camping tonight and enjoy the -26 degree temperature and -40+ windchill (what it really feels like)… but between the car and I both being sick the was spent taking care of both…

Brandon,a friend and “cart pusher” from Walmart with his new hat.   He wanted one like my fishing hat so a few evenings later one materialized.

Sunday was a tough day.  I was coming down with a nasty stomach bug and was still doing to work a split shift.  Thankfully we were needing to trim labor Sunday night and boss Tabi sent me home early.  The flu bug worsened overnight and it was miserable with repeated trips out of bed.

This morning I was still planning to go camping.  Needing some vittles for the trip, the plan was to buzz over to Walmart.   I hopped in my little car, turned the key, and the battery was dead.  I tried the van and it roared to life.   But car was the immediate concern.

It took a couple hours in the cold to clean out the trunk and install a new battery (located by the spare tire).  It was -10 degrees at this point and the wind was howling.  Delighted with the handiwork, I eagerly turned the key and the shittin’ car cranked but would not fire.  The fuel line is apparently frozen.  Instead of being mad, I just laughed.  Perhaps today was not meant for a camping trip.

New Year’s night was spent at McDonald’s with some non-alcoholic grape juice enjoyed by the co-worker friends…

Well, the camping did not happen but it’s been an interesting day and a lot was accomplished.  It just means being home and waiting for stuff to thaw out and this flu bug to pass… among other things.  With Tuesday off as well, there is abundant time to rest.  We’ll have to see where the next camping bug (but not flu bug) leads.

Well, it’s 2018 and there is always talk of resolutions.  I don’t have many…  maybe try to save money, eat a little healthier, listen to the body’s signals more.  Being good to people is always toward the top of the list.  We all need to keep doing plenty of that.

For now, it’s time to depart the work location.  We’ve already closed for the night and the kids are about done cleaning the place.

Take care and have a super 2018!

Brad and Jenny
Jones County, Iowa