300 Lumen Camping Lantern – powerful but inexpensive

Occasionally a product comes along that works so well, a person wants to tell his/her friends about it.  That is how I feel about the Rayovac SE3DLN Extreme Sportsman Lantern.  It packs a whopping 300 lumens and uses 3 D cell batteries (with a long battery life).  The lantern is highly rated on Amazon.  Though small, it is very bright.  It is so bright, I’m thinking I might not even have to install a lighting system!   I might just have my little reading lamp by the bed and this bright lantern.

The one thing that you might not like is that it is an artificial looking light.  The LEDs give off a purplish white glow somewhat like a mercury vapor light.  If you can life with that, then this will work fine for you.  In my case, the TV should help kind of balance things out a little bit.  If it doesn’t work, well at least it’s a good backup lantern!

The Rayovac comes with a very small price tag for being 300 lumens.  Try $22.50 including shipping.  That is an awesome deal on a great light.