Adding a Little Paint…

Below is a color swatch from Pittsburg Paints.

Well, it was another productive day!  I got a late start today but got some good things done.  I finished the bulkhead wall today by connecting it with the passenger’s seat belt structure.  It was surprisingly easy!

After that, I loaded up all the leftover styrofoam and Lauan plywood scraps and took them to the landfill.  On the way back, I stopped and got some paint for the interior.

The goal was to find a paint light enough to maximize the use of an interior lighting system.  Obviously chocolate or black walls would not help much for lighting.  I chose Pittsburgh Paint’s “Camel” color.  It is sort of tan with a hint of pinkish.  It is a nice, light beige color – soothing and adds a little light.

Tomorrow I plan to sweep out the van, paint the walls, and let it dry.  I don’t have all the trim up but that is not important right now.  The van will get painted and then trim installed.  I really want to get the painting done for psychological reasons.  Staring at dark Lauan plywood is depressing!