First Camping Trip – Walmart

As you can see, the van camper is coming together.  Today I added the flooring that you see.  I only installed 3 feet by 9 feet because that was all that was needed.  There is no vinyl under the bed.  Where you see the wheel well on the right is going to be covered with a small cabinet.  I am going to try to locate the microwave under the bed and the butane cooker in a position where I can slide it out to cook.

As for right now, I am parked across the street from where I live and am bummimg some free internet signal to do this post.  There is DSL at my land location but it is still fun to snitch it, too!

Now I am off to Walmart for a good night’s sleep in the van.  There is still so much to do but at this I can use my CPAP and try out this sleeping arrangement.