Danger… Low Clearance!!!

I had a close call tonight… It was time to go to the university hospital pharmacy and get the grocery sack full of pills and insulins.  Since I needed to go to the lumber yard anyway, the van was the vehicle of choice…  I wasn’t too worried about the clearance because one of the employees told me the clearance was higher in ramp 2.  I should not have listened.

I parked without incident in Ramp 2.  After getting out, it didn’t look good.  From my estimate, I was only 8 inches below the cement ceiling of the ramp.  On the way out I noticed a small hump in the conrcrete which worried me greatly.  I crept over the hump and dragged the fan-tastic dome over the concrete overhead support.  What a horrible noise!

After getting out, I could find no damage other than a rather small scuff.  That was pure luck.  I learned when in doubt, don’t park in the ramp!  Tomorrow I plan to call the facilities people and see if any of the other three ramps have a higher clearance… If not, fu** it… I’ll walk in from an outside parking lot…  Oh well.

The final wall is up and now I am building a bulkhead.  There was so much progress today!  Update – today, 4/22/2011, I found a parking ramp near where I shop.  The lowest level has a really high ceiling. The other levels have much less clearance.  Fortunately, most ramps are marked so at least you have fair warning!