Exit Strategy – An Easy out from the Home Dwelling

No, this is not the trailer I’ve been living in!   Wow…

I wanted to share this information with you all because it is kind of unusual.   It is an easy way to eliminate old living accommodations to facilitate “hitting the road”. 

I have lived in a 1974 Artcraft mobile home for the last six years.  I paid $8000 for it.  After this many years,  it has served its purpose.  Infested with ants and a leaking roof, it’s falling apart.  Even the floor is soggy.  It was the intention to sell the old trailer for about $1500.  Those plans went sour when some of the potential buyers had residency concerns.  I don’t care if they are legal but I’m not going to aid and abet!

The trailer park manager offered a different approach.  If I sign the trailer title over to the court, all utilities and liabilities end.  I won’t own the dwelling nor be responsible for it in any way.  It was suggested to just take my things and walk away – I don’t even have to clean. After departing, the trailer court decides to fix up the mobile home for resale or strip it and sell it for sheet metal value.

I rented a small storage garage and over the new few weeks will be vacating the trailer.  The plan is to move in to help my Dad but at the same time continue van camping.  I hope some day to camp full-time but for now it is a fun experiment.

In closing, it was a lucky break to relinquish the old trailer in favor of instant freedom.  I will be homeless on August 1, 2011 (at least in my mind)  Some goal, eh?