Thoughts about the bed…

Oh, there is so much to consider when building out a van.  To save floor space, I was planning to construct two comb-like pieces to slide in and out for expansion.  Upon further consideration, I realized it would be a pain to construct, it would make it more difficult to install the desired flooring, and I would have to keep moving it in and out to use it.  Storage would be hindered. 

Like most classic vandwellers, I have decided to go with a simple box made as strong and heavy as possible.  The lid will hinge up to allow for storage access but the hinge will run longitudinally down the center.   The back portion of the lid will hinge upward and be secured so the whole assembly will be a little couch.  I plan to build it at a comfortable height of 15 inches or so for sitting in, similar to a daybed.  The storage area will include compartments for socks and underwear, pants, and a small food and toiletries area. 

I am anticipating that the bed mattress will be approximately 34 inches wide and a nice 75 inches long.  This is subject to change, of course.

Immediately across from the bed will be the kitchenette.  If I can pull off a 34 inch bed and a 14″ kitchenette, that will leave about two feet of room between everything… Just enough for a big guy like me to pass through.  I feel relieved because the whole process will be more simple now.

At the foot of the bed there will be about 3.5 to 4 feet of open space.  I anticipate building a little table for my computer and for eating meals.