The Bulkhead – A Must Have for Stealth Camping

I just finished the bulkhead today.  It took most of the day to create.  Most of the problem is the curved walls.  I was surprised how easy it was though.  On the left you can see how curved the outside wall is. It’s like trying panel the St. Louis arch.  I measured the height needed at the doorway and the maximum width to the base of the curve.  Then it was a matter ot just taking a width measurement every 6 inches from the bottom to the top.  From there, all you had to do was connect the dots into an arc.  The wall fit like it was meant to be!  Then I just traced the wall board to make a second copy – for the backside.  I used 1.5″ insulation in the wall to add a little more peace and quiet.

This bulkhead is back a little farther than the vanilla version that many vans come with. The extra space forward of the wall was needed since my friggin batteries are HUGE!  If I put the wall further forward, the seat would have pinned me against the steering wheel.  Tomorrow the right side will be connected to the new bulkhead.  It will take some creativity but it can be done pretty cleanly.  The problem is that the bulkhead and the passenger seat belt cover do not line up neatly.  A little creative carpentry is in order!

It is the plan to have a curtain both in front of and behind the bulkhead wall.  This will allow twice as much opportunity to seal light leaks.

It is enouraging to see things coming together because each day’s work builds on the previous day’s accomplishments.