Trip to Pella Iowa

Today was a fun day.  The van and I decided to visit Pella, Iowa the day after the Tulip Time festival.  Every year 30,000 tulips are planted for the festival, not to mention the thousands of tulips at private homes throughout the area.  Pella is a spotlessly clean community and it takes great pride in the Dutch heritage.

Below are some pictures of the Pella town square.  The last picture is the Glendale access area to the Skunk River.  I took a nap there this afternoon.  Lots of people were fishing and nobody bothered to notice the white van except for one good old boy.  As I crawled out from my nap, he noticed and smiled.  Nothing wrong with a comfortable snooze on a nice 75 degree day!

Though the trip was wonderful and beautiful, the best part was the pastries known as Dutch letters.  This treat is described by the website as “crispy, flaky, butter pastries filled with almond paste, shaped into an “s,” and covered with large, crunchy sugar crystals.”

The letters I gobbled came from the:

Here is a link to the Iowa webpage describing the Dutch letters:

Here are some pictures from the Pella area.  You can imagine the beautiful smells wafting from the tulip trees and tulip plants.  It is heavenly.

This is the largest windmill in the United States
A quiet place along the Skunk River to take a quick little nap.  Talk about unnoticed.  There are so many places like this where a person can sleep a little and relax!