Lights Out!

I have a van that used to be a fleet lease.  It came with back windows which are very unstealthy…  Last night some covers were made out of white foam board from Hobby Lobby.  They looked great!  They also let light leak through.

I re-did them today using black foam board from Hobby Lobby and some velcro.  It’s a hokey arrangement but works for now.  Be careful about velcro.  It’s easy to get carried away and use too much.. Foam board will tear easily.  Go sparing on the velcro….  I might redo them one more time using magnets. 

Here are some pictures with and without the covers.

I put the 300 Lumen light about 18 inches from the door.  Due to that light level, a little light leaked around the covers but it was insignificant.  It would not be a problem at Walmart, but even a tiny light leak is too much.  The next stealth step will be a blackout curtain in front of the back windows to add some extra protection against light leaking in and out.