First wall done!

Today was another milestone.  I finished installing the plywood from behind the driver’s seat to the back door.  That was a fun job.  Being a large person and laying on my side to nail the plywood was something else.  The cheap furring strips I used were so crooked (not to mention me having installed them cockeyed as well) that it made it anybody’s guess where to nail the plywood paneling.  There was only one really good whack to the left thumb.

One thing that is helping me a lot is getting organized.  Now that the weather is conducive, I returned my materials outside and put all the tools in a green tub in the van.  That allows me to hit the ground running so to speak.  Also, it centralizes the tools.  After each is used, it is returned to the plastic tub.  Simple advice but it makes a difference.  There is nothing more frustrating than fighting yourself.

On the agenda for Sunday is to insulate the rest of the van.  I also plan to build the bulkhead wall and battery platform.  I plan to cover the bulkhead in luaun plywood and insulate between front and back for sound deadening.  Chevy vans often have noisy planetary gears in their transmissions and this insulation should help muffle that.

Check back in a day or so for more progress updates.