No leaks… Any where…

What a day… The Iowa weather was cold and gloomy.  It rained all day and at times, quite hard.  The fantastic vent never leaked a drop.  I am pleased with the installation.  It works great!

The van had to go to the shop today.  While underneath, I noticed some minor leaks from the transmission and engine seals.  Since it was under warranty, the dealer went the extra mile and replaced the transmission front seal and the engine rear main seal.  The leaks were not bad but it was good to fix them.  It didn’t cost me any money other than for the optional stuff.  I paid to have the tranny filter replaced (for good measure since the tranny was already opened up).  It was also a convenient time to change the oil and rotate and balance the tires.

The van is purring like a kitten and sure handles smoothly.  Now the next step will be to finish the walls and start on the bed and flooring.  Next week will be one of great progress.  It’s nice not leaking anything anywhere… I seem to have more problems than the van with my own fluids leaking… (Van doors make a great.. ummm… outhouse door when working in the yard…. LOL)

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