Goodbye Mom, I Will Always Love You

Mom is gone.  She was cremated recently and we placed her in an urn.  Mom always wanted to be sprinkled in a scenic place.  When I would describe travelling and camping in a van, her eyes always twinkled and she seemed excited by the prospect of seeing and experiencing new things.

Mom’s ashes will be sprinkled by me.  I plan to deposit some in Urbana, Iowa, where her first child was born.  Janet Rae lived only a short time and was buried after her passing from a heart defect.  Some of her ashes will be sprinkled near Maquoketa, Iowa.  Mom grew up there and her family is buried in that area.  Some of Mom’s ashes will reside in her small urn and she will travel with me from destination to destination and I will sprinkle a bit of ash when and where I see fit.

God Bless you Mom.  I will love you forever and you will always be with me. 

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